Energi App
I am a multidisciplinary professional with experience in human centered design, user experience, design strategy and visual communication. My skills are in uncovering and translating customer insights into actionable principles to design around core need. I believe in prototyping as a fundamental tool throughout my design process.
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Energi App

Team up with world-class coaches to increase your overall energy and accomplish your goals whether they are feeling fitter, sleeping better, having more time and energy for your family, losing weight, or having less stress and more focus at work.

Are you reaching your true Energy Potential?

The world’s most elite energy coaches, who bring the secrets of peak performance to world class athletes, global executives, and the highest ranking military, are now available in the palm of your hand.  Combining the massive intelligence of computers with the power of human intuition, The Engeri App synchs with your calendar to analyzes your day, anticipate low points, and guide you through highly effective bite-sized actions that will immediately boost your energy so you can feel your best throughout the day.

Discover Energi Increasers from world class coaches.

We’ve brought together the world’s foremost experts on energy – from olympic coaches, endurance athletes, and the highest ranking military, to neuroscientists and meditation experts. They’ve taken years of research and development and distilled it down into bit-sized actions that are delivered to the palm of your hand, when you need it most.

Know your EQ – Energi Quotent

Reaching your Energy potential requires developing your Energi Intelligence – knowing how and when to recover, understanding different types of energy needs, and having access to the most sophisticated and effective techniques for quickly boosting your energy. The Energi App delivers this knowledge to your fingertips with micro-coaching – Guiding you through quick and highly proven actions at the most opportune moments throughout your day.

The Elegance of Energi

With just a glance, you can see your energy score, get ahead of the dips, and swiftly move towards your true energy potential.  Easily actionable techniques, called Energi Increasers are recommended to you, based on your own personal needs, with an ever-increasing intelligence about what works for you, and when.

Rate Events

Rate your calendar events based on how they will affect your day.

Track Progress

Track your progress throughout the day from you Energi Graph™.

Complete Increasers

View increasers from the convenience of your Watch.

Your energy on the go.

With WatchKit integration you can track your energy throughout the day.

Explore the InVision prototype to see how it works.