I am a multidisciplinary professional with experience in human centered design, user experience, design strategy and visual communication. My skills are in uncovering and translating customer insights into actionable principles to design around core need. I believe in prototyping as a fundamental tool throughout my design process.
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Design Director at HomeAway

I am a Design Director at HomeAway where I lead a team of 20 designers to image the future of the travel industry for the vacation rental space. My experience is in business strategy, product design, architecture, and fabrication. For the past 7 years, my professional practice has been in digital experience design.

Outside of work, I spend time with my wife and son. When I have time for hobbies, I enjoy invent new products and build furniture.

Mar 2018 — Present
Design Director

I’m currently leading a global team of 22 designers across 7 counties to imagine the future of travel for HomeAway and Vrbo.

Sept 2016 — Feb 2018
Lead Mobile Designer & Product Strategist

At HomeAway, I was responsible for leading a team of 5 designers to build a design system for the Traveler mobile experience. My focus was on guiding the overall product strategy to create an intuitive experience through a unique expression of the HomeAway Brand.

May 2015 — Aug 2016
Design Strategy Lead
IBM Mobile Innovation Lab

In the Mobile Innovation Lab I am responsible for guiding design processes and strategic thinking across a highly collaborative environment of designers. My goal is to foster success in the MIL by looking for opportunities to solve complex business challenges for IBM, and then mobilizing my team to explore innovative solutions. During this team exploration, I focuses on guiding a collaborative environment that encourages the challenging of intellectual thought with tools for rapid prototyping and experimentation.

June 2013 — May 2015
Senior Interaction Designer
Rosetta Stone

Roles involved designing and guiding processes to lead team collaboration and production. Identified opportunities for aligning the user experience across a diverse portfolio of educational products. Designed and tested enterprise software for managing the distribution of product licenses across companies and tracking user progress.

“Aaron is easily one of the most open minded, hard working, and genuine designers I have met at Rosetta Stone. Aaron was given the challenging task of working on one of the toughest projects at Rosetta Stone and he consistently knocked it out of the park for the 2013-2014 year. His great personality made working on all projects great and small seem like double rainbows and unicorns.” 

Yoon Chung — Sr. Director, Visa Digital Product Operations at Visa

March 2012 — May 2013
Product and User Experience Designer
Moniker Group

Responsible for facilitating communication between clients and team, leading design process, and establishing a team vision. Leveraged human-centered design process to identify user pain points to solve for.

November 2011 — April 2012

Developed a line of products made with new techniques in digital fabrication and concrete molding. Led strategic decision making in product design, marketing, and customer relationship. Managed marketing and e-commerce through multiple websites and Internet channels. Learned struggles and challenges of starting a company.

2011 — 2013
California College of the Arts
MBA in Design Strategy, Business Administration, Management and Operations

Through this professional program, I learned processes of human centered research and strategic thinking to propel transformational business innovation through product design. Gained new perspectives of systems thinking, generative leadership financial management and entrepreneurship to be an effective project manager.

2005 — 2009
NewSchool of Architecture & Design
Bachelor of Architecture (BArch), Architecture

Learned skills of graphic design, visual communication, systems thinking, prototyping, sustainability, and architectural planning to be an effective design communicator. Upon receiving a Bachelor of Architecture, I was presented the Design Excellence Award for my thesis work.


The Business Model Canvas is an important strategic planning tool early on in the ideation process to vet concepts and establish clear business objectives before pursuing an idea.


I use Keynote as an important communication tool to present my ideas and tell a clear story to key stakeholders. I also use Keynote to create animated examples of interaction patterns.


WordPress is an easy to use framework that allows me the freedom to focus on designing and building websites without worrying about the code behind it.


Flinto is a fundamental tool in my design process because it allows me to prototype product concepts with the motion and interaction detail that a user would expect in a real app or website.


Sketch is the leading tool for interface design, and this is a tool I use on a daily basis to create my designs.


Rhino is a 3-D modeling software that gives me the creative freedom to design products and think through industrial design challenges of fabrication and assembly.

What I do
Design + Business

I’m focussed on merging design and business thinking to solve big problems.

Product Strategy

I know how to assess the market to gain insights into user needs to guide product strategy.

Enterprise Solutions

I’ve designed large scale administrator portals for data management and reporting analytics.

Design Process

Design is about communicating information, so I’m interested in crafting processes to guide the mechanisms for communication.

Interaction Design

I strive to deliver a minimalist solution that speaks for itself. I focus on reducing information down to the essentials to bring clarity to my designs.

User Experience

I’ve learned that understanding user behavior and crafting the experiences are essential to designing a lasting solution.