Aaron Kettl | About
I am a multidisciplinary professional with experience in human centered design, user experience, design strategy and visual communication. My skills are in uncovering and translating customer insights into actionable principles to design around core need. I believe in prototyping as a fundamental tool throughout my design process.
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Design at HomeAway

I currently work at HomeAway where I get the privilege of working with a talented group of thought leaders in the travel space. I am responsible for leading the product strategy for the HomeAway mobile experience, and our team is in the process of building an amazing experience that is soon to come to the App Store and Google Play Store. 


Design + Business

I’m focussed on merging design and business thinking to solve big problems.

Product Strategy

I know how to assess the market to gain insights into user needs to guide product strategy.

Enterprise Solutions

I’ve designed large scale administrator portals for data management and reporting analytics.

Design Process

Design is about communicating information, so I’m interested in crafting processes to guide the mechanisms for communication.

Interaction Design

I strive to deliver a minimalist solution that speaks for itself. I focus on reducing information down to the essentials to bring clarity to my designs.

User Experience

I’ve learned that understanding user behavior and crafting the experiences are essential to designing a lasting solution.


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