Aaron Kettl | Design
I am a multidisciplinary professional with experience in human centered design, user experience, design strategy and visual communication. My skills are in uncovering and translating customer insights into actionable principles to design around core need. I believe in prototyping as a fundamental tool throughout my design process.
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Design Director

& Product Strategist

I am a Design Director at HomeAway where I lead a team of 20 designers to image the future of the travel industry for the vacation rental space. My experience is in business strategy, product design, architecture, and fabrication.

Designing digital

& physical experiences

I am a multidisciplinary professional with experience in business strategy, user experience design, and material fabrication. Prototyping is fundamental throughout my design process to better understand the customer experience. I use my background in material fabrication and digital design to prototype product concepts, work through interaction challenges, and test my ideas with users to determine the right product-market fit.


Alisha is an AI assistant for finding relevant data about real estate, finance, or investing. Ask Alisha questions about real estate to get insights into growth trends and market data, or ask about investing strategies to learn options for asset allocation.

This redesign integrated a health program into the LifeWorks app to incentivize users to improve their health.The project involved a full app redesign as well as a pitch deck to present the concept through a compelling user journey.
The IBM Watson API Toolkit is a concept that demonstrates how tools, like a translator, can be built with Watson iOS APIs. The tool exhibits an onboarding flow with two use cases: a language translator and an image analyzer.

This design shows an interaction framework for exploring beer categories and discovering new flavors. I focused on using a card design to demonstrate rich interactions through expanding and collapsing elements.

Energi was a featured health and fitness app in the iTunes App Store. Energi assists in improving the user’s mental and physical energy throughout the day through micro-coaching activities from health experts. The app leverages the user’s synced calendar to gauge their energy throughout the day, and recommends micro-coaching activities from world-class behavioral coaches. The user can schedule these activities into their day to accomplish new milestones to balance their energy.

You can download the Energi App in the Apple iTunes store.

Rosetta Stone Travel is a language learning utility app for practicing words and phrases on the go. This mobile app covers 6 different languages offering vocabulary words and useful application exercises for applying words in a real-life travel context.

I was tasked with redesigning the existing version 1.0 of the app to release an entirely new version 2.0 update. I re-thought the information architecture and completely redesigned the navigation as well as all activity patterns.

Rosetta Stone World Photos is a concept for a photo app that allows users to take photos that represent a “word of the day.” The community can vote on the best photo that represents the provided word. The user generated content is crowd sourced for use within other language products. This app builds content while capturing marketing leads.

Triangulate is a fun and simple strategy game where triangles collide. Swipe diagonally or up and down to add triangles together.  Only triangles of similar colors can merge together to add points. After every swipe a new triangle appears on the screen. All the numbers add up to give your total score. The goal is to strategically add triangles together to reach your highest score. The game can be customized with 4 different color schemes.

Rosetta Stone Travel is a language utility app designed to help casual learners practice the language they’ll need before they travel and provide reference materials for when they reach their destination. With simple and elegant learning interactions, conversation practice, and a robust set of language utilities, Rosetta Stone Travel is the perfect solution for the casual language learner and traveler.

This is a major enterprise dashboard tool for administrators to manage large batches of users and assign product licenses. This was successfully designed and built to solve real technical constraints and address business needs to offer value to enterprise customers.

The InVision prototype was built in grayscale with little visual style so the broader product team could understand the user experience. This allowed the design team the freedom to explore different visual styles and create a separate visual style guide for the product. Throughout the process, the prototype became a core tool for design deliverables, communicating new features, and testing concepts with potential users.




From June of 2008 to May of 2009 I embarked on a project that would challenge and push me in every area of life. FLEX: Kinematic Operations was an academic pursuit to understanding the symbiosis between the kinematics of the human body and the kinetics of our manmade environment. This was an effort that grew my skills in strategy, research, testing, design, fabrication, and presentation. This collection consists of 5 chapters with the culmination of a final architectural thesis book which summarized the extent of my work in 320 pages.

I enjoy collaborating with talented teams trying to solve big problems.